Coronavirus Guidelines for Parents & Guardians

Everyone must ensure they follow the Messy Monkey Makers Risk Assessment and Policy.

Only adults and children who are symptom free or have completed the required isolation period should be attending the class.  If a parent/carer or child are displaying symptoms they will not be permitted to attend the class.  Extremely vulnerable parents/carers or children should also not attend.

Parents/Carers will be asked to inform Messy Monkey Makers if they are or anyone in their household shows signs of COVID-19 during the duration of the term.  Those that will have been in contact will be informed through the track and trace system.  Those contact details will be collected on signing up to the class.

All parents/carers must adhere to the social distancing guidelines before entering the building, during the session (designated play areas will be assigned) and upon leaving.  Children must always stay with their parent/carer.  There is to be no mixing with others outside the building.

Messy Monkey Makers will take the temperatures of all children and adults on arrival and will risk assess any children/staff who are returning after a period of isolation. 

The classes will now only hold a maximum of 12 children with one parent or guardian in attendance per family group / bubble.  If you had previously booked siblings, you will be allocated one mat for the two of them as you are from one bubble.  The time of the class has been reduced to 30-45 minutes.

Child minders will need to seek signed permission from the parents/guardians of the child for them to attend as well as authorisation for temperatures to be taken. Please provide evidence.  Your allocated social distancing area will be determined on the number of children you have in attendance.

Hand sanitiser will be available, please ensure that this facility is used by all attending the class upon entering and leaving the premises. Hand washing stations will also be available during the class to provide continued hand sanitisation, it is recommended that you also bring your own sanitiser.

All adults, including staff of Messy Monkey Makers, are to wear a face covering when entering the premises, and during the class.  We also ask that you follow the catch it, bin it, kill it approach.

An enhanced cleaning schedule has been implemented that includes furniture, surfaces, play equipment and resources. Communal areas, touch points and hand washing facilities will be cleaned and sanitised regularly and cleaned thoroughly at the end of every session.

Waste disposal, all waste used during the session including wipes, tissues and nappies must be disposed of in a hygienic and safe manner. Please use the waste facilities (lidded bins) that are available within the hall.

Monitoring of these guidelines

Messy Monkey Makers will continue to monitor Government and Public Health England guidelines in order to ensure that the business remains compliant. Risk assessments, policies and procedures will be reviewed, amended and communicated to everyone when there are any changes to the current Government/Regulatory guidelines and/or legislation.

‍Date: 16/09/2020

Last Review Date: 29/10/2020

Adopted by Kerry Marsay – Messy Monkey Makers Business Owner